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The new Energy Union Package: Ambitious Enough?

The European Commission has prepared new legislative initiatives on renewables, energy efficiency, market design and governance. With this “Winter Package”, published on 30th November 2016, the EU is entering a crucial phase for implementing a solid framework aimed at reaching the EU-wide binding 2030 renewable energy target.

The Towards2030-dialogue project has been facilitating and guiding the dialogue on this issue throughout Europe for the past two years. This final workshop at the European Parliament presents key results and provides a stage for discussing the way forward, including a first reflection of the EC proposal.





Claude Turmes
European Parliament


7 December 2016Wednesday09:30 - 11:00
Participation in this event is on invitation.


Executive Assistant
Associate Senior Research Fellow (non-resident)
Useful Documents
Towards2030-dialogue_2016_12_07_Support final.pdf 1 Towards2030-dialogue - Overview and Ambition (Resch, 07-12-2016).pdf