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External Event Participations

Policy Scenarios for the Future European Electricity Sector, EPRI
in Munich
on 4 March 2015
Meeting MEP Claude Turmes: Regional Energy Cooperation Initiatives
in Brussels
on 25 February 2015
EU priorities and global developments in the energy sector, The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP)
in Brussels
on 10 February 2015
Speech in the PermRep of Northrhine Westphalia, one of the German "Länder"
in Brussels
on 5 February 2015
Die Griuenen Roundatble on the European Energy Union
in Brussels
on 5 February 2015
Workshop on the integration of climate and energy policies, EFET
in Zurich
on 21 January 2015
Perspektiven mit Stahl : "Carbon Leakage und insbesondere den Auswirkungen von CO2-Auflagen auf die Industrie und die Unternehmenskennzahlen" beizutragen
in Düsseldorf
on 6 November 2014
Committee of the Regions: Role of local and regional authorities in the EU legislative process: review of the past and a vision for the future
in Brussels
on 28 October 2014