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Task Force: The Role of Business in the Circular Economy

CEPS Energy Climate House has launched a Task Force on the circular economy with a focus on the role of EU policy and regulation to guide businesses and industry. Special attention is given to the barriers and enablers companies encounter in their attempts to introduce circularity into their business operations as well as the measures needed to help businesses adapt to the changing environment and take advantage of new market opportunities. An additional key topic is how we can improve coherence between sectoral approaches and an overall circular economy policy framework. The Task Force provides a forum where stakeholders from different sectors can discuss these issues in a structured way. The outcome of the Task Force will be a Report containing actionable policy recommendations that emerge from discussions among the Task Force members. The Report will be widely disseminated to EU, member state and international policy-makers.

Task Force Report has been published and is available here


Schedule of meetings


  • Prof. Dr. Martin R. Stuchtey is founder and managing partner of SystemiQ Ltd., a specialist firm for innovation and investment in natural resources. Before founding SystemiQ, he worked for McKinsey & Co. for 20 years. Much of his work has been dedicated to circular industrial systems. He initiated – together with Ellen MacArthur – the Circular Economy Initiative at the World Economic Forum. Martin has also been a strategic advisor to the World Economic Forum and is the author of many articles, TV and radio broadcasts on resource management.

  • Stef Kranendijk currently runs and co-owns two companies: one that cultivates collagen to make real leather with less water and energy and one that aims to eliminate flaring in the oil industry. His most recent achievement consisted of turning the leading European carpet tile manufacturer Desso, of which he was Chairman, CEO and co-owner, from a regular commodity company into the most innovative and sustainable (‘cradle to cradle’) branded player in the industry. Prior to his independent entrepreneurship, Stef has held board positions in a variety of companies.



Here you may also find a short 1-page description of the Task Force 

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