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Reforming the Market Design of EU Electricity Markets

Reforming the Market Design of EU Electricity Markets: Addressing the Challenges of a Low-Carbon Power Sector.

This Task Force Report focuses on whether there is a need to adapt the EU’s electricity market design and if so, the options for doing so. In a first step, it analyses the current market trends by distinguishing between their causes and their consequences. Then, the current blueprint of EU power market design – the target model – is briefly introduced, followed by a discussion of the shortcomings of the current approach and the challenges in finding suitable solutions. The final chapter  offers an inventory of solutions differentiating between recommendations shared among Task Force members and non-consensual options.

The Task Force was chaired by Jacques de Jong of the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP) in The Hague. Christian Egenhofer is Director of CEPS Energy Climate House and Head of the Energy and Climate unit at CEPS. Fabio Genoese was Research Fellow at CEPS.