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Stakeholders views on the Ecodesign Directive: An assessment of the successes and shortcomings

As part of the European Parliament's European Implementation Assessment of the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC), Christian Egenhofer, Eleanor Drabik, Monica Alessi and Vasileios Rizos contributed a Briefing Paper entitled "Stakeholders views on the Ecodesign Directive: An assessment of the successes and shortcomings".

The Briefing Paper summarises the opinions of EU-level and national stakeholders on successes in, failures of and challenges to the implementation of the directive and the underlying reasons. Experts from seven Member States were interviewed: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal and Finland. These interviews are complemented by a literature review of available studies, reports and position papers.

This paper was written at the request of the Ex-Post Evaluation of the Directorate for Impact Assessment and European Added Value, within the Directorate General for Parliamentary Research Services (DG EPRS) of the General Secretariat of the European Parliament. The full study, of which this Briefing Paper is part (from p. 38 onwards), can be found on the Parliament’s website:

It is republished as a CEPS Research Report with the kind permission of the European Parliament (download below).




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