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Recent publications

16 December 2016Milan Elkerbout

Given that US presidents tend to win re-election, Milan Elkerbout warns in this CEPS ECH Commentary that climate policy both domestically and globally should prepare for two terms of President Trump.

30 November 2016Vasileios Rizos, Arno Behrens

Small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly aware of the benefits of closing loops and improving resource efficiency, such as saving material costs, creating competitive advantages, and accessing new markets.

17 November 2016Ulrich Lissek

A little over a year ago, five major European energy companies and Gazprom started working on the Nord Stream 2 project.

17 November 2016Alan Riley
This paper argues that the EU’s energy regulatory regime applies to Nord Stream 2.
11 November 2016Jaap Jansen, Eleanor Drabik, Christian Egenhofer

Demand is increasing in the EU for specific electricity products of desired origin.

28 September 2016Milan Elkerbout

Following the successful conclusion to COP21 with the adoption of the Paris Agreement in December 2015, the EU is faced with the question of what level of ambition it should aim for in setting its future climate policies.

Other publications

17 August 2016
Arno Behrens
13 July 2016
Christian Egenhofer, Monica Alessi, Jorge Núñez-Ferrer, Arndt Hassel
7 July 2016
Christian Egenhofer, Andrei Marcu, Vasileios Rizos, Arndt Hassel, Jorge Núñez-Ferrer
29 April 2016
Fabio Genoese, Eleanor Drabik, Christian Egenhofer
7 April 2016
Anna Dimitrova, Arno Behrens, Christian Egenhofer